What do my lessons include?

My lessons are customized to your needs and expectations



Conversation will be part of every class. Everything we learn will be practiced in day-to-day conversations and we can talk about whatever topics you like! From day 1 you will know the structures to ask questions and answer properly.


You will learn easy techniques on how to use and remember tenses and conjugations - it won't be too hard for you. We will cover a structured list of subjects, according to your level and learning pace.

Speaking activities

Every lesson will include from 5 to 10 activities all about speaking Spanish in different angles, working in both fluency and confidence. It will consist of you speaking 90% of the time, getting corrections in the spot for pronunciation and vocabulary.

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Native teacher

I will plan each lesson and correct your Spanish during our conversations. I will teach you how to speak like a local. Remember I know Spanish from both Spain and Latin America.


Personal plan

I will develop a plan just for you that is adjusted to your expectations and needs including: improving skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Plus, it’s all tailored to the topics you choose.


Class notes in a PDF

A very important part. You will stop worrying about taking notes during class so you will focus on your speaking. After every class, you will get our class notes in a PDF fully organized according to the activities we did in class. You will have them forever so you will be able to study on your own, to print them or check them anytime you want to go back to that subject.


Remember, the most important thing is that you enjoy the process of learning. Every lesson will include activities and materials that are always engaging so you have a good time.

Your investment

You pay 350€

185€ in total

117€ in total

Not sure about committing to the number of lessons in a package?

I’ve already thought about that because I’m a language student too! So what about this? You can buy a 1-hour class for 44€ and upgrade to one of the packages whenever you want – just pay the difference! You still get the deal. 

Don’t postpone your Spanish learning any longer – just send me a message!

I also do offline sessions!

Stay tuned to my social media updates to know what city I am in, I’d be pleased to meet you in person for one-on-one or group sessions! – These sessions are paused at the moment.

Currently in Valencia, Spain

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